20's Plenty for Newport

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Campaign objectives

Our key objective is the introduction of 20mph limits for all residential roads in Newport, with exceptions where appropriate.


We want to achieve this through default 20mph speed limits without traffic calming measures.


We want this to be implemented throughout Newport, and not through a 'Zone' or individual street approach.


We want safer streets for everyone - pedestrians, drivers and cyclists.


Help us to achieve this by signing our petition to Newport City Council and joining our supporter list.

Local authorities already implementing 20 mph as the default speed limit for residential streets with populations:


Portsmouth, Oxford, Leicester

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Islington (LB)

Hackney (LB), Bristol, Warrington

Southwark (LB), Edinburgh, Cambridge

Limpley Stoke, Lancashire, Chichester

Glasgow City, York, Liverpool 

Brighton & Hove, Coventry, Middlesbrough

Bath & NE Somerset, Camden (LB)

Darlington, Waltham Forest(LB), Wigan

Greenwich(LB, Dunbar, Fressingfield

Middleton, Tregony, Rochdale 

Otley, Shipley, Bury, Bolton

Nottingham, City of Manchester

Haringey (LB), Whitchurch, Hants

Southampton, Sefton, Lambeth (LB) 

City of Birmingham, City of London (LB) 

Workers, Calderdale, Lewisham (LB)5

Croydon (LB), Tower Hamlets (LB) 

Hammersmith & Fulham (LB) 

Sheffield, Westbourne 


We want Newport to be on this list!