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A brief introduction from the Newport Campaign Leader:


My name is Katrina Rigby and I am a Newport resident, wife, mum, and ex Local Authority Social Inclusion Officer. I have been interested in the 20s Plenty national campaign for some time and when I moved to Newport in 2013 I was surprised to find that there wasn't a Newport City campaign for reduced speed limits. As a mum who walks my son to school and back every day I am acutely aware of the dangers of busy roads and vulnerability of 'soft' road users - that is, those of us who aren't wrapped in 1.5 tons of metal! In my local area there is a busy main road that a high proportion of children and families have to cross to reach the local primary school. The traffic moves fast, there are no 'school' or 'children crossing' warning signs, we have no school crossing patrol (despite numerous requests to the Council), and there are no reduced speed limits on the roads near the school. We are not alone in this and children and families across Newport have a similar struggle to cross busy roads on their daily route to school.


But this isn't a campaign for just our local area or just for safer routes to school. We want safer roads for everyone, across the whole of Newport, so that people can move around their communities more safely and with greater freedom. This applies to drivers as much as to pedestrians and cyclists, as a road collision can ruin the lives of everyone involved, including drivers and their passengers.


Help us to achieve a safer Newport for everyone by signing our petition, writing a letter to your local councillor and joining our list of supporters.


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